Securing safe and responsible satellite operations

Gone are the days of relying on luck to find your satellites after launch. Introducing the first and only commercial service operationally proven to quickly locate and identify newly launched payloads to LEO.

Payload Tracking

Receive accurate orbit products for your newly launched satellites beginning just hours after launch.

Identification Support

For rideshare missions where you are one of many operators, count on LeoLabs to eliminate the chaos of figuring out which ones are yours.

Mission Assurance

Don't wait for things to go wrong after launch. Be prepared and protect your business from potential anomalies.

Streamlined Operations

Free up your operational teams to focus on the mission, not finding their satellites through days of trial and error.

On-Console Support for Mission Launch and Commissioning

  • LeoLabs works with you from pre-launch coordination through the first several days following launch and payload deployment
  • We’ll track all payloads and deliver accurate orbital products and insights to your team starting hours after launch
  • Mission agnostic – supporting dedicated missions, large constellation deployments, and rideshares from any launch provider to any orbit in LEO
  • Operationally proven to start locating satellites in hours, not days or weeks
  • Combine with LeoLabs Collision Avoidance service to start conjunction screening from day 1, eliminating the COLA gap

This service functions fully independently of external tracking sources, with no reliance on the US public satellite catalog.

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