LeoLabs’ radars track satellites and debris around the clock.

  • They are unaffected by sunlight, clouds, rain, snow, and wind.
  • Each radar tracks thousands of objects per hour — they use phased-array technology to switch from one object to the next every millisecond
  • The Kiwi Space Radar, Costa Rica Space Radar, and future radars track debris as small as 2 centimeters using S-band electronics
  • The first two radars use UHF electronics that have been in operation for over 10 years

LeoLabs is building a network of 20+ radars.
This network will:

  • Cover the Southern Hemisphere
  • Cover the Equator (low inclination orbits)
  • Cover the Northern Hemisphere
  • Revisit satellites many times per day
  • Protect satellites from small debris
  • Track newly launched satellites within hours of deployment

LeoLabs has 4 radars in operation today.


Costa Rica Space Radar

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Kiwi Space Radar

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Midland Space Radar

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Poker Flat Incoherent Scatter Radar

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Tracking as a Subscription Service

See the data from these radars in action. Building a tracking service used to mean building radars, building software, and staffing. This took decades and billions of dollars. LeoLabs handles all of that. Tracking services are now available in real-time, over the internet, from a network of proven radars.

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