"We’re Building the infrastructure for Space Stewardship"

Craig Trumbull

Vice President of Radar Deployment Group

"We’re Building the infrastructure for Space Stewardship"

Craig leads the Radar Site Group at Leolabs. The team’s primary focus is the management of future radar deployments and existing radar sites. Their work spans from initial greenfield site selection to the full mechanical and site designs. Additionally, they manage all procurement, production, logistics, construction, operations, and maintenance of the global network of Leolabs radar sites. Craig has a keen eye for design and enjoys stewarding projects from concept to finished product.

One of his major contributions at Leolabs was leading the mechanical design of the Kiwi Space Radar in 2018 and overseeing the successful deployment of that site in 2019 – helping key consulting partner Ruamoko Solutions win the 2020 Ace NZ Gold Award for their effort in bringing the Kiwi Space Radar to life.

Prior to joining Leolabs, Craig worked as an electrical engineer for the Seti Institute at NASA Ames and a hardware engineer for Olympus NDT, where he assisted in the commercialization of X-ray soil analysis technologies that were previously deployed on the Mars Curiosity Rover. In these roles he specialized in embedded software and firmware development, circuit design, and industrial automation.

Craig is a proud Banana Slug – he received a B.S. in Astrophysics from the University of California Santa Cruz.

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