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"Humanity’s future requires a safe space environment."

Garrett Katzenstein

VP of Sales & Services

"Humanity’s future requires a safe space environment."

Garrett Katzenstein has been a leader in the space 2.0 economy for nearly two decades. His insatiable desire to safely increase humanity’s rate of expansion into space brings a unique perspective to business activities in the space economy.

Garrett Katzenstein is the VP of Sales and Services at LeoLabs. The Sales and Field Applications Teams reporting to Garrett are responsible for both capture of new business and technical customer support of existing customers. With the space environment becoming ever more crowded with each passing launch, collision avoidance between new entrants, traditional providers, and existing space debris will shape how the environment in space is maintained. Governments and militaries around the world are working with LeoLabs to ensure a bright future for all of humanity’s space interests.

Before joining LeoLabs, Garrett’s space industry experience included senior management and executive roles at SpaceX, Rocket Lab, Vector Launch, and Alliance Spacesystems. Thus, he has been actively managing and selling space programs and launches at new space startups for more than two decades. At Vector Launch and Rocket Lab, Garrett held executive or senior leadership roles with responsibility for sales and sales engineering for new launch customers in the small satellite market, as well as responsibility for execution of these launches. At SpaceX, Garrett was a Senior Manager who was directly responsible for multiple flights of the Dragon Capsule to the International Space Station (ISS) with either primary, secondary, or tertiary responsibility for the first eight ISS flights. Additionally at SpaceX, he worked with the sales and marketing groups on new business ventures and managed commercial large satellite missions.

Garrett’s work in the space industry started with design and testing of large scale propulsion experiments at CalTech. This led to both design work and program management responsibilities at Alliance SpaceSystems for portions of the JPL Mars Curiosity Rover including the Robotic Arm (program management) and Cruise Stage (design and project engineering of all secondary structures). Garrett has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Cal Poly and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. San Diego. Beyond his space career, Garrett enjoys cycling, building race cars, and participating in endurance amatuer car races.