"Data is new KEY, own the data to define new future"

Vinayak Kankanwadi

Platform and Software Manager

"Data is new KEY, own the data to define new future"

Vinayak Kankanwadi is effective, hands-on leader passionate in building platforms, software and teams at highest level. He built and led Self-Funded team from ground zero to finals in all circuits at DARPA’s SubT Challange Virtual in Autonomous System, Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems space, where one need to rapidly map, navigate, and search underground environments during time-sensitive combat operations or disaster response scenarios. He believes data is going to play important role in innovative solutions and building right infrastructure to support would be crucial.

Vinayak brings over two decades of experience from startup to enterprise in Monitoring Systems providing Software as a Service. Prior to Leolabs, Vinayak led interesting projects in C-ISR domain largely focused on algorithm for Object Detection, Face Detection, AI/Machine learning applications and deploying them on platforms along with cloudifying and simulation projects for Boeing Defense Phantom Works International. He was also highly involved with his innovation team moving Legacy Monitoring System onto end-to-end delivery for Tabcorp. This involved ability to stand up and tear down different environment (IAC) and refactoring legacy system for CI/CD, reducing time to production from months to days.

Vinayak holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Karnatak University.