Via Satellite: LeoLabs CEO on tracking orbital debris for mega-constellations

Leolabs has already begun to talk to potential customers about its debris tracking services. According to founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Daniel Ceperley, the Silicon Valley start-up is executing on customer engagement after the official ribbon cutting ceremony of its Midland Space Radar (MSR) facility this week.

Midland Reporter-Telegram: MDC, city praised for cooperation on radar facility

What started several years ago as a prototype made of PVC pipe and chicken wire has become reality, thanks to a bit of help from the Midland Development Corp. and the city of Midland. A small ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Tuesday at the MDC offices to officially celebrate the completion of LeoLabs’ Midland Space Radar, located on city-owned property in Winkler County known as the T-Bar Ranch.

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