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Securing safe and sustainable operations in LEO.

With our network of ground-based, phased array radars, LeoLabs produces high-resolution data on objects in low Earth orbit (LEO), providing unparalleled support for industries that rely on satellite services.

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Our Mission

We provide data-driven transparency and certainty to satellite operators, regulators, space agencies, and industries that rely on satellite services.

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Tracking as a subscription service

In the past, tracking objects in LEO meant decades and billions of dollars to stand up the required radars, computing infrastructure, and staffing. Today, LeoLabs handles all of that. Automated satellite and space debris tracking services are now available in real-time, over the internet, from a network of trusted radars.

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Data Services

LeoLabs is the world’s first and only supplier of commercial radar tracking services for objects in Low Earth Orbit.

We supply the richest automated data, greatest debris detail and resolution, and most responsive ephemeris generation. Access our products through a variety of interfaces, designed to integrate with your system.



Data Services

Tracking and Monitoring

The automated, fully independent tracking service to monitor your satellite fleet with high precision orbital products delivered constantly.

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Regulatory Reporting

Detailed analysis of the space traffic safety and compliance situations for regulators who license and guide the new space revolution.

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Space Domain Awareness

Prevent surprise with real-time data feeds for activity in LEO. We automatically generate conjunction and rendezvous and proximity operations alerts, maneuver alerts, and tumbling alerts on everything we monitor, even if you don’t yet know it’s important.

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Real-time conjunction alerts for your satellites, with rapid updates for risk trending metrics and high accuracy information on secondary objects including a growing catalog of small debris.

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Global Phased Array Radars

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