LeoLabs Statement on the U.S. Department of Defense Commercial Space Integration Strategy


LeoLabs applauds the release of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Commercial Space Integration Strategy. This important policy document demonstrates the Department’s leadership in recognizing the critical roles commercial industry can play in helping the U.S. and its international partners enhance resilience and strengthen deterrence in space to maintain prosperity and security.

We particularly commend the acknowledgment of Space Domain Awareness (SDA) as a Hybrid Mission Area.

To maintain a secure, stable, and accessible space domain, the U.S. Department of Defense requires a resilient, modern, and integrated architecture that provides a holistic understanding of orbital threats on mission relevant timelines to enable combined space operations.

Commercial SDA providers like LeoLabs can rapidly deliver the innovative capabilities necessary to build this interoperable and resilient system. These capabilities include:

• Sensor network redundancy and complementary geographic coverage
• Increased revisit rates for monitoring high interest objects to avert surprise
• Dynamic sensor cueing and tasking to detect, track, and characterize non-cooperative objects
• AI-enabled data fusion and analytics to discover emerging threats
• Real-time information sharing to enable interoperability with allies and partners

We support the proposed efforts to remove barriers hindering the rapid integration of commercial space solutions into U.S., Allied, and Partner Nation defense planning, operations, missions, and architectures. We look forward to participating in additional opportunities to test commercial solutions in real-world environments, such as the U.S. Space Systems Command’s SDA TAP Lab, and providing these solutions to warfighters during wargames, exercises, and other critical training activities. We welcome further opportunities to support the Department and the U.S. Space Force in implementing their respective commercial strategies and enabling full mission integration of commercial solutions prior to conflict.

LeoLabs looks forward to meeting representatives from the U.S. Department of Defense, international partners, and commercial industry this week at the 39th Space Symposium to discuss how we can come together as a community to advance the Commercial Space Integration Strategy.

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LeoLabs is the leading provider of integrated solutions that persistently monitor space to reveal threats to safety and security. Through our 24/7, all-weather global sensor network and AI-enabled platform, we collect and analyze millions of measurements per day across more than 20,000 objects to maintain a living map of orbital activity. LeoLabs is transforming how commercial satellite operators, launch providers, and government agencies see, understand, and act on opportunities to protect and defend their assets in space.

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