Unparalleled coverage, unmatched speed, unlimited insights

The legacy data infrastructure our industry has relied on for decades wasn’t built for today’s space race. That’s why we built a new one. With LeoLabs Vertex™, our vertically integrated space operations stack, we have drastically increased the coverage, speed, and insights powering innovation in low Earth orbit. Our goal is to be the sole provider of truly integrated, superior information — the key to operational success in today’s space race.

Our values

Lead by learning

We’re committed to life-long learning, which enables us to identify the need for change when it arises and reward each other for trying new things.

Trust and transparency

We believe trust is impossible without transparency. Stronger, more effective teams emerge when people are honest and open.

Work fast and have fun

We’re fast-paced. We’re quickly developing new solutions in response to the market — but we also know when to come up for air and have fun.

Think globally; be grounded

We’re addressing a global problem that transcends boundaries. Our solution is also global, grounded in science, pragmatism, and data.

Our global presence

We have offices in several different locations and employees spread across multiple time zones and continents.

Meet our leadership team

LeoLabs is led by a team of experts with deep experience in the space and technology industries. Our executive team has flown 3 missions to LEO, built 5 radars, built 10 satellite payloads, run two scientific observatories, launched a new programming language, and served on console for multiple launches.

Tony Frazier

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Ceperley

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

John Buonocore

Founder & Chief Engineer

Eileen Treanor

Chief Financial Officer

Jacinta Tobin

Chief Revenue Officer

Matthew Sanders

Chief Information Security Officer

Edward Lu

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Terry van Haren

President & Managing Director, LeoLabs Australia

Vic Gardner

President of LeoLabs Federal & Global Head of PreSales

Alan DeClerck

Executive Vice President for Europe, Middle East & Africa

Dr. Darren McKnight

Senior Technical Fellow

Adam Marsh

Vice President of Global Customer Success

Craig Trumbull

Vice President of Radar Deployment Group

Matthew Stevenson

Vice President of Engineering & Chief Architect

Kate Maliga

Vice President of Government Affairs

Kohei Fujimoto

Director of LeoLabs Japan

Dan Kunze

Senior Director of Commercial and Federal Sales

Chandler Phelps

Director of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

William Ellis

Director of People & Culture

Moataz AbdelAzim

Director of Sales in Europe, Middle East, & Africa

Christine Purvis

General Counsel

We're building a safer, more sustainable space environment. And as the space economy grows, so will we. We'll continue to innovate and evolve — staying curious, hungry, and agile.

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