Stay informed and ready for any event in LEO.

Our elite space operations stack, Vertex, delivers real-time data that can complement and augment national sensors using our radar network with coverage in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. This platform can be integrated into mission software or used as a standalone system, providing global automated indications, warnings, and a common operating picture for the dynamic threat environment in LEO.

Our defense solution

Addressing the growing threat environment with advanced, scalable solutions

Support you need to address evolving threats

Battle space awareness

Receive automated indications and warnings for threats and national technical means systems:

• Threat engagement assessments
• Proximity monitoring and neighborhood watch
• Maneuver detection and characterization
• Spacecraft stability monitoring

LEO intelligence

Receive "patterns of life" data with alerts on unexpected behavior:

• Measurements and states
• Radar cross section data
• Object characterization and classification
• Debris field and rocket body monitoring
• Change detection

Foreign launch tracking

Receive tracking and classification of non-cooperative launches:

• Launch tracking and monitoring
• Rapid manifest classification and discrimination
• Object typing (e.g. debris, rocket body, payloads, etc.)
• Payload identification and discrimination

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LeoGuard provides defense departments with comprehensive augmentation for space domain awareness and protection.

LeoLabs Joins Space Systems Command’s Space Domain Awareness Lab

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