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LeoLabs delivers real-time data from a proven network of radars.

For defense missions, LeoLabs complements and augments the data provided by national sensors. LeoLabs platform can be integrated into mission software or used as a standalone system.

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As satellites cross over LeoLabs radar, LeoLabs’ platform provides the following data to subscribers:

  • Conjunction alerts — detailed information about RPOs, collisions, and near misses
  • Maneuver alerts — alerts about new maneuvers
  • Tumbling alerts — alerts about changes in attitude control
  • Proximity monitoring — for coplanar objects and close approach events
  • Ephemerides — satellite position and velocity (with covariances) over time
  • State vectors — satellite position and velocity (with covariances) at epoch
  • Measurements — range, range-rate, angles, and radar cross sections as they flow from the radars

Analysts can access the following LeoLabs dashboards:

  • Catalog — real-time reports on each satellite, tracking quality metrics, the schedule for future measurements, and records of past measurements
  • Proximity Monitoring — real-time 3D animation and reports for coplanar objects and close approach events
  • New Launch — the latest information on all payloads from recent launches
  • Conjunctions — see information about Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPOs), collisions, and near misses so you are not surprised by new clouds of debris
  • Maneuvers — alerts about new maneuvers and records of past maneuvers
  • Tumbling — information about attitude control, and changes in it