Real-time conjunction alerts for operational safety of flight

LeoLaunch is the first and only commercial service proven to quickly locate and identify newly launched payloads.

This service, built on LeoLabs Vertex™, offers tracking support with LeoLabs’ global radar network during the crucial first hours and days of new missions to LEO. We provide rapid assistance for payload location so you can quickly and reliably establish communications with your satellites well before they’re added to the public satellite catalog. For rideshare missions, our service also helps with payload identification to sort out the multiple satellites belonging to different owner-operators.

LeoLaunch features

Location support

Receive rapid delivery of initial TLEs for your satellites based on LeoLabs ground radar tracking data, often starting just hours after launch

Identification support

For launches with multiple payloads, our experts will compare our radar tracking data with the planned deployment sequence to help confirm which payloads are yours

Pre-launch coordination

We’ll coordinate with launch providers to obtain launch nominals and predicted orbit insertion parameters for all payloads

Operational resiliency

Things don’t always go to plan — LeoLaunch has been operationally proven to help locate and salvage satellites that were otherwise unable to be contacted by their owner-operators

Experience our pre-launch and post-launch support

Customers subscribing to this service also receive 30 days of LeoTrack, which delivers high precision state vectors and ephemerides daily. We provide full mission coverage and a seamless transition into routine mission operations.

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