Optimize launch window opportunities with real-time conjunction screenings

LeoClear is the only service providing on-demand screening of launch vehicle ephemerides against a dynamic object catalog, returning conjunction data messages in seconds.

Using LeoLabs Vertex™, our exclusive space operations stack, LeoClear gives launch providers and regulatory agencies the ability to screen an unlimited number of launch trajectory profiles simultaneously. This data can be used to determine which profiles have the lowest conjunction risk. Instantaneous results like this allow for fast, confident decision making when every minute matters.

LeoClear features

On-demand screenings

Screen your launch ephemeris options with customized screening parameters against our live catalog of 20,000+ objects in LEO; available 24/7

Instantaneous results

Screenings are performed instantly upon upload, with CDMs generated in less than 30 seconds

Conjunction report statistics

Our web platform provides access to conjunction summary reports — including aggregate risk statistics and access to individual CDM data

Automated workflows

Using our RESTful APIs, users can submit many ephemerides at once programmatically and automate large-scale runs for detailed trade studies

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