LeoTrack is a web-based, off-the-shelf service providing automated, independent monitoring for satellites.

Built on LeoLabs Vertex™, LeoTrack delivers immediate access to precision tracking and curated orbital data products that are 10 to 100 times more accurate than TLEs. It is used operationally as a primary or backup telemetry source for everything from a single 1U satellite to the largest constellations in the world.


LeoTrack features

Independent tracking as a service

Continuous tracking of your satellites with our global network of phased-array radars

Satellite state vectors and ephemerides

Fitted orbit state vectors and propagated ephemerides with covariances delivered 2-5x per day on average

Fleet management dashboards

Web dashboards with access to real-time and historical data, predicted next passes, state vector comparisons, and embeddable 2D/3D visualizations

RESTful API for operational automation

Integrate seamlessly into operational ground segment workflows

Our customers have utilized LeoTrack for a variety of mission-critical purposes

  • Primary telemetry source if no on-board GPS is available
  • Backup telemetry source in the event of GPS failure
  • GPS / OD calibration for newly commissioned satellites
  • Maneuver validation studies
  • Earth-observation image scheduling
  • Active Debris Removal (ADR) mission planning

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