Holistic orbital collision risk assessments for low Earth orbit stakeholders

LeoRisk offers comprehensive risk assessment for satellite stakeholders — from spacecraft designers to insurers and beyond.

This tool, powered by LeoLabs Vertex™, provides capabilities to assess collision risk probabilities for space assets. With this tool, you can evaluate the life cycle of space safety, starting from design and investment through manufacturing, insurance, deployment, operations, retirement, and finally, remediation. This tool was specifically developed to help stakeholders efficiently address their most critical challenges and gain detailed collision risk insights.

LeoRisk features

Accurate risk calculations

Calculate the collision probabilities based on altitude, inclination, size, number of satellites, and mission lifetime

Robust data visualizations

Gain detailed insights through a robust integration of risk calculus and data visualizations powered by Tableau, the leading software application for customizable data analytics

Lifetime collision risk assessments

Determine the evolution of the space system’s collision probability over the course of an asset’s lifetime

Risk summary reports

Generate summary reports that provide quantitative insights leveraging unique supporting data

Assess space safety over the lifetime of a mission or constellation

With LeoRisk, you’ll receive detailed collision risk data and analysis in user-friendly formats using graphs, pie charts, scatter plots, and more. For example, our tool can provide analysis for space safety over the lifetime of a single mission or constellation, as shown here.

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