We’re living in a dynamic space era.

Constellations in LEO consist of hundreds to thousands of satellites deployed across years with long-duration orbit raising and lowering activities and frequent refreshes. All of this brings new risks — and you need accurate data to assess them. That’s where we come in.

Insights you need to understand risk in LEO

Risk reports

Our annual risk reports deliver the information you need to understand events of the past year and your risk posture going forward.

• Collision risk statistics tailored to your portfolio
• Reports on changes in the risk environment caused by new launches, breakups, collisions, satellite failures, and more

Space Insurance tool

LeoRisk is our easy-to-use, dynamic tool that enables space insurance underwriters to assess the orbital debris collision hazard in LEO quickly and comprehensively by leveraging the troves of data created by our global radar network.

Access the first holistic orbital risk assessment service for low Earth orbit




Our comprehensive mission risk assessment service is ideal for intelligent business planning – serving the insurance industry as well as investors and satellite owner-operators.

How we're driving safety and sustainability in low Earth orbit

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