Elevate your space activities to meet the challenges of tomorrow in LEO

The dynamic space era is bringing new possibilities, innovations, and challenges — are you prepared?

As your national space sector grows, so does your need to license satellites, manage traffic, and gain situational awareness. Real-time information about the LEO environment is necessary to effectively communicate with stakeholders and inform future policies. Unfortunately, building these capabilities domestically requires significant resources, unique expertise, and plenty of time. That’s where we come in.

Support for your national space ecosystem

Detailed reports

Gain a better understanding of the scope and scale of the problems in LEO related to space traffic management and space situational awareness through our routine reports containing critical data and insights.

Compliance standards

Ensure satellite operators are complying with national and international standards and regulations by gaining immediate access to our real-time online compliance dashboards.

Supporting data

Create more informed acquisition strategies and regulations using LeoLabs Vertex™, our vertically integrated platform, which delivers precise data, including ephemerides, state vectors, radar measurements, and collision risk.

Expert advice and guidance

Grow your domestic space sector and plan successful missions with data-driven guidance from our in-house experts who hold decades of experience in space safety and sustainability.

It’s a life cycle: the complex world of space safety explained

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