Make data-driven decisions at unprecedented speed

LeoLabs algorithms deliver critical information to decision makers, in real time, at scale. They were designed from the start to take advantage of massive datasets for deep insights, with complete transparency and no guessing about margin of error.

Robust, highly automated algorithms

LeoLabs uses advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver high fidelity information:

  • Collision avoidance to understand and mitigate risks, screen ephemerides on demand
  • Launch and early orbit for fast contact that eliminates chaos
  • Automated orbit fitting through maneuvers and changes
  • Proximity analysis and maneuver detection for behavior patterns affecting critical satellites
  • Automated event detection delivers real-time alerts on breakups and collisions
  • Highly accurate orbital uncertainties include automated covariance metrics

Architected for scale

LeoLabs data pipe streamlines information flow from radars to users. Edge processing at the radars enables follow-on scheduling in real time and minimizes data latency. Cloud processing accelerates compute-intensive analytics. Automation means no human delays with an ever expanding data set. Benefit from fast and frequent updates due to cloud deployment and agile development.

Read our full API documentation here.
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