The company started the year strong, banking a new contract from NOAA’s Office of Space Commerce that will help inform the agency’s important Traffic Coordination System for Space initiative. Building on that momentum, LeoLabs announced today that it closed a $29 million extension to its $65 million Series B that closed in the summer of 2021.

LeoLabs and Secure World Foundation (SWF) released a joint statement on Wednesday to respond to the accumulation of derelict objects in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) like spent rocket bodies.

LeoLabs clinched $29M in funding to fulfill its dreams of truly global coverage and deep, AI-powered analytics to support its LEO-monitoring space radar network.

LeoLabs raised $29 million, bringing the space object tracking firm’s funding to date to more than $120 million.

LeoLabs has been selected to participate in the U.S. Space Systems Command‘s Space Domain Awareness (SDA) Tools Applications and Processing (TAP) Lab accelerator. LeoLabs announced Monday that it will participate in a three-month TAP Lab cycle. The company plans to develop their AI-powered solutions for combat ID and space battle management as part of the SSC’s Apollo Accelerator Cohort II.

LeoLabs space domain awareness capabilities are highlighted in this piece on the rapid growth of threats in Low Earth Orbit.

LeoLabs capabilities are highlighted in this article about the benefits of commercial integration into government SDA and STM systems, including TRACSS.

LeoLabs’ co-founder and CTO Ed Lu writes about the fundamental change that has taken place in space over the last few years with an exponential growth in annual launches. He argues for a “Moore’s Law” applicable to this domain.

The office announced Jan. 19 that placed orders with COMSPOC, LeoLabs and Slingshot Aerospace for data and services related to objects in low Earth orbit. The orders are part of what the office calls a Consolidated Pathfinder project to test how the office can incorporate commercial space situational awareness (SSA) data.

The Office of Space Commerce (OSC) is kicking off a commercial pathfinder project to support space situational awareness (SSA) services, placing orders for commercial data with COMSPOC, LeoLabs, and Slingshot Aerospace.

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