LeoLabs services protect your satellites from catastrophic collisions, protect your company from liabilities from leaving debris in orbit, and support troubleshooting activities.

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Track your satellites with data products delivered in real-time.

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Receive accurate, frequent updates on conjunction events days in advance so you can make maneuver decisions earlier and with more confidence.

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Track your satellite accurately and quickly after launch.

Answer regulators' questions about the trackability of your satellite before it launches.

Scalable to Any Level

LeoLabs web services are designed to support organizations and fleets of all sizes.


LeoLabs protects your fleet with streaming conjunction alerts, on-demand ephemeris screening, and detailed reporting.

Government Missions

Reduce risk to your mission-critical satellites and human spaceflight missions by incorporating accurate, real-time LeoLabs Collision Avoidance services into your workflow.


LeoLabs offers off-the-shelf tracking and conjunction monitoring services so you can focus on your payload, your mission, and your business. LeoLabs also helps you find your newly launched satellites quickly with tailored LEOP support.

Universities & Research Labs

Fly your mission with reliable, real-time LeoLabs tracking data delivered straight to your Mission Operations Center.

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