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Short on time?  Listen to this article on-the-go. In 2019, there were 800 functional satellites in low Earth orbit. Now, there are

It’s now been five weeks since the Russian ASAT demonstration that struck the Cosmos 1408 satellite, causing enormous amounts of

In trying to make sense of the debris counts from Cosmos 1408 over the last few days, a few characteristics

By now we’ve all heard the news that none of us wanted to hear — a significant breakup occurred in

Tracking Beyond LEO

As most folks know, we at LeoLabs are focused on tracking objects in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) regime. And

On July 12, 2020, LeoLabs detected a breakup event of a Japanese H-2A debris object (NORAD ID 43673) in space.

There’s a lot of growth happening in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Over the next 5–10 years, we expect at least

In addition to tracking thousands of objects in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with our network of phased-array radar systems, LeoLabs

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